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Ancillary Items

At PBNZ we go out of our way to ensure we are providing the best product and service in the country.

One way we do this is by providing a range of additional items that can be hired to help you maximise your workspace.

From office furniture to grey water tanks, lunch room equipment to portable power boards, we have a variety of items to help get the most out of you Portable Building.


Meeting Tables & Chairs
Bookcases, Shelves and Filling Cabinets
Desks, Office Chairs and Mobile Drawers
Canteen Tables & Chairs
Fridges & Microwaves
2000L Water Tank & Pump
1000L Water Tank & Pump
5000L Water Tank & Pump
1000L Waste & Grey Water Holding Tanks
Ablution Waste Tank System with Access Steps
Industrial Shelves
Portable Site Power Box
Concrete Anchor Blocks

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